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is a Brooklyn-based artist

Milo is in 3rd Grade at Brooklyn Friends School. He started drawing tiny circles at age 2 and moved on to people, unicorns and many Frida Kahlo portraits. During the start of the pandemic, Milo started taking commissions for portraits. He drew over 60 portraits and raised over $1400 for MAPS Arts, a non profit run by his beloved art teachers that provides free art supplies and teaching to underserved populations.

Milo's art was recently shown in the exhibit DARKEST BEFORE DAWN at the Ethan Cohen KuBe in Beacon, NY.

In November 2020, Milo was commissioned by one of his mentors to draw Steve Kornacki. A fan of Milo's on Instagram suggested prints and the Print Project series was inaugurated. Each print series is comprised of 20 signed and numbered 8x12 prints. All monies after cost go to grassroots political organizations or non profits. 

Go Milo.jpg


November 2020- February 2021

Ethan Cohen KuBe, Beacon, NY

Follow Milo on Instagram @milotheartist

Contact: Laura Newmark, Milo's Momager  917.951.6657 /

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